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The Topic Finder Is Located Further Down This Page. It Provides Information Regarding the Specific Issues and Bulletins Where Articles About Various Topics Are Found Within the Following Publications:

Topics Are Sorted Alphabetically

The Topic Finder Was Created by Mr. Gary Anderson of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Pantera International Member #83 (since 1974).

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  1. Newsletters are assigned an issue number from 1 to 62 in the conversion chart, which is the first chart below. For example, Issue 24 cross-references to newsletter Vol. 6, No. 4.
  2. Magazines starting with issue 68 are referred to by the issue number printed on the front cover.
  3. Newsletter and magazine articles are indexed by their issue number followed by the page number on which the article appears. Example: Transaxle, Breather 24-30 indicates that in Issue 24 on page 30 there is an article dealing with adding a filter to the transaxle breather outlet.
  4. Articles appearing in the Technical Information Series (TIS) newsletter inserts are indexed by their group number followed by the article number. Example: Fuel Tank, Repair TIS 24-6 refers to the Technical Information Series, Group 24, Article 6, which describes a procedure for sealing leaks in the fuel tank.
  5. The second, third and fourth charts below are TIS cross-reference charts. Use those charts to identify which issue of the P.I. Newsletter included the TIS article you are interested in. In the example above TIS 24-6 was inserted in newsletter Vol. 5, No. 2.
  6. Ford Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) articles are indexed by their bulletin number followed by the article number. Example: Fuse Holders TSB 6-47 refers to Ford Technical Service Bulletin Number 6, Article 47, which discusses spring tension in the fuse holder brackets.

PI Newsletter Volume Number to Issue Number Conversion Chart

TIS Group/Article Number to Newsletter Volume Number Cross-Reference