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Newsletter and Magazine Back Issues

  • ALL back issues are $8.00 plus shipping when sold individually
  • Substantial savings are available for orders in large quantities
  • A library of all "in stock" newsletters (59) and magazines (61) is priced at only $350 plus shipping (63% off the individual price)
  • The shipping cost for a complete library is $54 for US customers, $304 outside the US (shipped via USPS in 4 medium flat rate boxes)
  • The shipping weight of a complete library is about 75 pounds (34 kilograms). This breaks down to 29 pounds for the newsletters and 46 pounds for the magazines
  • All but 3 newsletters published 1974 - 1991 are currently available. The exceptions are Volume 1 No.2, Volume 2 No.1, and Volume 8 No.2
  • Newsletters which are out of stock shall be reprinted as time allows
  • All magazines published 1991 - 2006 are available
  • All Newsletters and Magazines are currently original editions. Reprints shall be identified in the future
  • DO NOT pay collector prices when unused original copies are available at this price
  • Only 1 copy of any edition or issue per customer
  • Additional Back Issue information is available via the links below

Bella Mangusta

The Italian Art and Design of the
De Tomaso Mangusto
by Dick Ruzzin

  • This book will appeal to De Tomaso Mangusta enthusiast as well as art and design lovers.
  • Stunning images as well as informative and entertaining text about the design, mechanics and history of the Mangusta.
  • The book was originally published in 2016
  • The format is paperback
  • Our Price is $42 (plus shipping)
  • Shipping to US customers is $5.00 via USPS media mail

Mangusta Coach Parts Catalog

  • A reproduction of the Mangusta Parts Catalog prepared by Carrozzeria Ghia S.p.A.
  • Covers the coachwork parts provided by Ghia, not the chassis parts provided by De Tomaso
  • Written in Italian
  • 55 Pages
  • Includes exploded view diagrams of the various parts of the coach.
  • Parts manuals such as this, with their detailed exploded view diagrams, are a wonderful reference for any mechanic. Highly recommended.
  • $40.00


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