Thank You for your interest in Sespe Company.

We are a small locally owned business, a "sole proprietorship", doing business as Sespe Company. We work from our home in Ventura California,  specializing in creative design. We were founded in 2006 to publish a magazine for an international automobile club (Pantera International), the magazine project has since ended. Meanwhile our business evolved to encompass additional capabilities.

To summarize what we do today in 2016:   

  • We operate a mail order gift store (the De Tomaso Gift Store) in association with Pantera International. This includes designing De Tomaso and Pantera themed merchandise as well as producing and publishing printed documents.
  • We have designed a new online magazine (the De Tomaso Webzine) for Pantera International. We shall start-up the webzine this year and assume responsibility for its production. This includes contributing stories, editing stories composed by others, and editing digital photographs.
  • We compose stories, and contribute to stories composed by others, which are published by various businesses and organizations (POCA, Concorso Italiano, books, magazines, Ford Motor Company, etc).
  • We maintain Pantera International's online forums (the De Tomaso Forums).
  • We maintain Pantera International's website.

To contact us please
telephone us at:

Or please write us at:
 Sespe Company
 PO Box 920
 Ventura, CA 93002

 George and Debbie Pence

Sespe Home Page  |  De Tomaso Gift Store

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